Tell me more about Astro's/ Safari's.

General Motors of Baltimore Maryland are the Manufacturers of the Chevrolet Astro 4.3 V6 Vortec Van, also known as the GMC Safari, essentially they are the same van, they are different in badging and the headlights and front grilles are different, the Chevrolet has split headlights and Chevrolet Logo and the GMC has a square grille, its all down to personal choice as the vans are essentially the same. They are powered by the super smooth 4.3 Vortec V6 offering 200 hp. The economy of the V6 makes cruising at 70 mph effortless and economy excellent at nearly 30 mpg! The 4 speed gearbox is smooth and you have all the pick up you will need if you want a little extra grunt! Once manufactured the bare van then goes to one of America's many coachbuilders! The original donor van bears NO resemblense to the finished CUSTOM dayvan! There the standard interior, roof, wheels etc etc are removed and the conversion takes place! All the seats are then installed as well as a fully custom interior with "Mood lighting" valance lights, mirrors, headphones, TV, VCR, Stereo's etc etc, the list goes on and on. They then paint the van with its new roof and away you go!

The vans came in both 2 wheel and 4WD, the AWD (All Wheel Drive) is a fixed system offering a 80-20 split from the back to the front and is rarer to find than it 2wd sister, the economy is slightly better on the 2wd but in our experience its only minor. The new shape van from 1994/5 onwards is what we specialise in from premium coachbuilders such as "Explorer" "Starcraft" and "Tiarra" and "The American Road" All our vans offer something different and no two vans are ever the same! In 1996 the van was updated and the "Bubble" dash with twin airbags was developed by GM, the remapped ecu and later electronic gearbox offered a smoother gear change and a more modern feel, although the "Classic" dash models remain as popular as ever, with either analogue or digital displays!

If you require any further technical information then give us a call and we'll try and help!! Remember we are the UK's leading supplier of these vans and our experience and back up should be considered when buying one of these vans!

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